4 Moving Supplies You Might Not Think You Need, But You Will

16 October 2015
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Moving can be a true pain. There is little in the world that can be as emotionally and physically demanding as moving. Getting everything in place, packing all of your items and simply moving them from point A to point B can be a truly tiring experience. One of the biggest problems that people have with moving is not realizing that there are certain items that can help you cope with this experience. There are plenty of moving supplies that can assist you in your moving that you might not think to use, but you should use them to help the process along.

Forearm Straps

Forearm straps are also known as a shoulder dolly. If you have a plethora of heavy items, this is a must-have item for carrying these items to and from the moving truck. If you thought there was no way that you could make moving those heavy and hard to lift items such as sofas, refrigerators and armoires easy, then you have not experienced the joys of forearm straps. These items make leveling out these heavy objects quite easy and will serve to relieve some of the excess stress that you might experience while lifting them by distributing the weight throughout your forearm, shoulders and chest, meaning you're less likely to simply use one of these muscles to lift the object.


Although sliders won't help you when it comes to physically lifting an object, sliders can be your best friend when you simply have to move a heavy object across a smooth surface, such as a tile or wood floor. Sliders are usually made out of a material that is similar to felt, and can be placed under the bottom of the heavy object in question in fours. This way, if you have to slide, for example, a refrigerator from one point in your living room to another point in your kitchen, the task will be easily accomplished. In order to sweeten the deal, these items are commonly found in hardware and dollar stores, are generally disposable and can be purchased for a low price.


Although many people associate using a dolly with professional movers, the fact of the matter is a dolly can be an incredible help if you find yourself doing a DIY moving job. Moving can require you to do a lot of heavy lifting, but a dolly can lighten this load considerably. All you have to do is place the object on the dolly, then move the dolly from point A to point B. A dolly is something that you should consider purchasing if you find yourself making frequent cross town moves from apartment to apartment throughout the years. If you find yourself rarely moving, it is recommended that you rent one from your local hardware store.


Ramps are another object that are generally considered the sole provenance of professional movers. Worse yet, they don't usually come with moving trucks if you decide to rent one. Ramps, however, can provide your back and arms with a serious sense of relief. If you use a ramp, you will simply have to place it on the ground level and have it lead to the back of your moving truck or van. By walking up the ramp, you are alleviating the amount of weight distributed by having to move heavy boxes up and down the back of your moving truck. Your muscles will thank you for using a ramp.

No matter what, moving is a taxing event. However, it need not be as difficult as you think it is. Hopefully, this article has guided you towards some things that can make the experience of moving that much easier. If you would like to look at a site with more information on moving supplies, you can check it out here.