Selling Your Home Before Finding A New One? Rent A Suitable Storage Unit

6 June 2018
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Moving out of a rental is easy because you can decide when you want to move. But, selling a home is a little different because you need to receive an offer that you are willing to accept. If you are also interested in purchasing another home at or around the same time, you can only hope that the sale happens when you are also getting approved for an offer on a property.

When you know that you will not have a house to move into after selling your home, you should rent a suitable storage unit or storage units that can give you relief while looking for a house to buy.

Storage Unit Size

An important consideration is the size of the storage unit because you want to avoid a situation in which the storage space is not enough to fit all your possessions. If you were to put most items into the storage unit and end up with leftover furniture and boxes, you would have to move all the possessions out and rent a larger storage unit to make room for everything that you own.

Since you cannot test out a storage unit, you should consider taking measurements for your items and filling up a room with belongings to see how much space all the items take up. This can give you a worthwhile estimate for what storage unit size you need to fit your possessions.

Road Width

If you have a large truck or SUV, you may be able to put everything that you own into storage by taking multiple trips in your vehicle with ample storage. But, you may want to rely on a moving truck that allows you to put everything inside to make a single trip to the storage facility.

A storage complex with large road widths will make it easy to park a large moving truck near your storage unit so that you do not have to transport belongings a lengthy distance.


Since you know that you are moving out of your home, you may not intend on stopping your search for buying a new home. This means that you will benefit from choosing a month-to-month lease because you may end up finding a place to live after one or two months of searching.

When you want to have a smooth experience with renting a storage unit to store the items in your home, you should consider these details before making a decision.