Tips For Storing Your Boat

10 July 2019
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Owning a boat is great, and it's more possible than you might think. Even if you don't have a lot of space to store a boat on your own property, you can still own one.  That's because you can easily use a boat storage facility.

If you do use one of these useful storage units, however, make sure you store your boat the right way. Not storing it properly and carefully can cause wear and tear that you don't want to occur.

Change the Oil Filter

If you are going to be storing your boat for an extended period of time, go ahead and change the oil filter. This, plus a good flushing, will rid your system of unwanted water or acid that could cause your engine to rust while the boat sits in storage.

This step is a little time-consuming, but it will protect your boat, so don't skip it.

Use a Tarp

Whether you're storing your boat in an indoor or outdoor facility, consider using a simple polyethylene tarp to cover your boat.

These tarps are very inexpensive and often work just as well as the more expensive fabric covers you can buy.

Tarps are good at keeping your boat free of dust, rodents and insects, rain and snow, and anything else that might try and contaminate it while it's in storage.

Make Sure You're Not Leaving Anything Behind

Before you leave your boat at the storage facility, check thoroughly and carefully to make sure you're not leaving anything undesirable behind in your boat.

Don't leave anything that might get ruined by being left in storage, especially if you're opting for outdoor storage. Also, don't leave anything that could potentially damage your boat. Things like gasoline, food that can spoil and cause an odor, and anything else potentially harmful to your boat should be removed.

Check and double-check to avoid any storage disasters and to give yourself greater peace of mind.

Drain Your Coolant

Finally, before you leave your boat in storage, go ahead and drain the coolant out of it.

If you're storing it for the winter, add in fresh anti-freeze after you do so. Make sure you follow all instructions for properly diluting the antifreeze and for how much to put in.

Storing your boat provides a way to own your own boat even when you're short on space. As long as you store your boat correctly by following these tips, boat self storage should be nothing but helpful.