How To Choose The Right Long Term Storage Facility

6 April 2020
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If you are getting ready for a big life transition, you may find yourself shopping for long term storage facility services. Most people rely on self-storage during awkward transitions paired with a move. If you are going to need storage of your belongings for more than three months, you will need to find a good long term storage facility. Here are three things to consider before you choose a storage place and start moving your belongings.


Budgeting for this type of added moving expense is crucial to staying on track. You have to be able to pay for the monthly fees of storage and if you don't there can be big repercussions. Most contracts will let you know that they can take your belongings and auction things off if you do not stay current on your monthly payments. Find a storage facility that won't break the bank and give yourself a realistic timeline of how long you will need these services. Call around and ask about any hidden fees that may surface after you pay your monthly rent for your storage space. 

Temperature Controlled Storage

Consider paying for a long term storage facility that offers temperature-controlled rooms. A lot of storage facilities are metal containers in parking lots that could be affected by rising water or extreme temperatures. Things like glass or plastic can be affected by drastic temperatures and do damage to your belongings. When searching for the long term storage options you can find units that are in a temperature-controlled building to ensure the safety of your things.

Consider Operating Hours and Security

You will want to find out how you can access your belongings once they are in storage. It's good to know what hours you are allowed to be in the facility to move your stuff out or simply to grab something you need access to. You want your things to be in a storage facility that has good security measures in place to protect them. Some storage facilities are more self-serving than others.

Shop Around and Read Your Contract

It's a good idea to shop around and get some pricing on similar units from different storage facilities. Compare the pros and cons and make sure you can stick to your budget. Before you sign anything you will want to be sure to read the entire contract. Make sure you understand when rent is due and any consequences for late or missed payments. Verify that you have a unit that is large enough for your belongings and the rules about how you can access your things.

Choose the right long term storage facility to help you make the most of your transition. Moving is a lot of work but finding the right facility can make your life a lot easier.

Reach out to a local long term storage facility for more information.