The Two Main Issues You'll Encounter When Moving Into A Townhome

17 June 2022
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A townhome gives you more space – and no downstairs or upstairs neighbors – than an apartment while still giving you a great price for housing. Moving in should be a busy, but good, day as you embark on a new segment of your life's journey. That is, until reality hits and you're trying to park a large moving van without inconveniencing your neighbors. And then there's the little problem of those multiple flights of stairs. Those are the two biggest issues that you'll encounter that are specific to townhomes. Plan ahead now so that your move isn't made complicated.

How to Deal With the Parking

Parking for townhomes can vary wildly. Some neighborhoods have ample street parking, and others have off-street spots for each townhome. You'll find complexes where each townhome's garage opens up to a wide alley, and you'll see developments where there are actual parking lots set at the margins of the townhome development. Most complexes and the residents within them are understanding of moving vans and how big they can be, but you still want to avoid blocking entrances, exits, and other cars and parking spots.

Before your moving day, go to the townhome and take pictures of the parking options for your unit. You want to get images that show how much room there might be for the truck and where your townhome is relative to that parking. If there is a community manager, ask about spots where moving trucks can sit for a few hours as the movers unload your belongings. Take pictures of those spots, too, and show them to the movers when they show up. This gives the movers a heads-up as to what they'll be dealing with.

How to Get Everything Up (or Down) the Stairs

Your townhome can be anywhere from one level to a garage sublevel under a one-level home to two floors to three. And all of those levels are reachable via the stairs inside. Now, this technically isn't that different from moving into a third-floor apartment that requires the movers to ascend the same number of flights of stairs. But where this becomes tricky for you is that you need to know exactly where everything will go so that the movers take the items to the correct floor. Otherwise, you'll be stuck trying to move your sofa up another flight of stairs.

Contact moving services as soon as you can if you're moving into a townhome. It's details like the parking and stairs that make planning and advance notice essential for these moves. For more info, contact townhome moving services near you.