Nervous About Movers At The Last Minute? 3 Questions To Avoid Problems

27 December 2022
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If you're hiring a moving company to assist in a move that's happening at the last minute, you likely have many questions about how the day of the move will go. Since it's common to have concerns about hiring movers when you didn't get to plan every step of the move fully, it's helpful to have some questions to ask.  

Keep the following questions in mind to ensure that you're as prepared as possible and know what to expect on the day of your move. 

Is There a Price Guarantee?

If one of your main concerns with hiring a moving company is the cost, you'll feel much better when you find movers that can give you a price guarantee. Since the cost of hiring movers can vary significantly based on the size of your home, the number of floors it has, and the distance of your move, you'll need a personalized quote that suits your needs. Once you receive a quote, ask whether the price is guaranteed and how much you can expect the price to differ once it's time to pay. 

Is the Schedule Flexible?

A last-minute move can be nerve-wracking since you may not have been able to make all the preparations you would have preferred. From packing all your belongings carefully to arranging for a spot for movers to park the truck, you may not have taken care of a lot of work ahead of time. 

To reduce potential issues with your move, look for a moving company that can provide some schedule flexibility. This means finding movers that can come within a set time and won't charge you penalties if any surprises arise as your move gets closer. 

How Will Items Be Handled? 

How your items will be packed into the moving truck and handled the entire time could be a cause for concern. Since you're rushing to schedule your move due to needing to move at the last minute, you don't want to run into issues where your items are mishandled. Instead of running into issues with your belongings arriving safely to your new home, ask questions about the number of movers who will be helping and what you can expect for your move.

As you get ready to hire movers, there are a lot of questions about what's involved. From understanding the cost of your move to discussing how the actual day of your move will go, you can have an easier time scheduling the move with the questions above in mind. 

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