3 Essential Considerations When Moving Overseas

10 December 2015
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Moving overseas for work purposes can be an exciting adventure, whether you're striking out to further your freelance career or going to work at a foreign branch of your U.S.-based employer. Of course, along with the excitement comes a fair amount of inevitable anxiety about settling into a new culture. Planning the smoothest, most tension-free international move possible is a great start in the right direction. Here are three essential considerations for optimizing your overseas move. Read More 

3 Green Tips for Your Office Relocation

10 November 2015
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It pays to pay attention to the impact you're having on the environment, which is why you make an effort to ensure green practices at your office. But when it comes time to move to a new location, you may be concerned that relocating will add to your carbon footprint. An office move can be a source of waste and pollution, but if you plan correctly, you can make sure that your company lives up to its eco-friendly ideals by minimizing moving waste. Read More 

4 Moving Supplies You Might Not Think You Need, But You Will

16 October 2015
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Moving can be a true pain. There is little in the world that can be as emotionally and physically demanding as moving. Getting everything in place, packing all of your items and simply moving them from point A to point B can be a truly tiring experience. One of the biggest problems that people have with moving is not realizing that there are certain items that can help you cope with this experience. Read More 

A Simple Guide To Packing Electronics For A Move

13 October 2015
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Your electronics (TV, computers, etc.) are some of the most expensive items in your home. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most difficult to move safely. Proper packing will ensure that they survive the move with a minimal amount of damage. Consider Keeping the Box While it may seem like a waste of storage space, you may want to keep the original box for your electronics, especially if you know you will be moving soon. Read More 

5 Safety Tips For Moving Your Vinyl Collection

8 October 2015
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As you pack up your vinyl collection to be transported to a new home, there are a number of safety precautions to keep in mind. When record albums become damaged during a move, it usually happens because of improper packing. The following five safety tips can help you move your record collection to your new home, damage-free. 1. Catalog Your Vinyl Collection You've spent years scouting out rare and hard-to-find vinyl, but if you're not keeping an accurate catalog that lists each album in your collection, you probably don't really know what you have. Read More